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Useful Links


Safesport Guidelines

Please click here for more information on USFSA's SafeSport Program and the SafeSport Handbook


Skating Opportunities

Click here for more information on USFSA's skating opportunities


NESC Skating Etiquette

Click here for our Freestyle Skating Etiquette


NESC Weather Policies

Please click here for NESC's weather policy as well as a weather watch chart


NESC Membership Guide

The NESC board is happy to have created this Parent Handbook for our club in the hopes that it will serve as a guide for parents and skaters as they navigate through the sport. This is a living document and will change over time as the club or the sport evolve. We recommend that you check back to the document frequently


USFSA Website

Click here to go to USFSA's website for additional information

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